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Organic calendula oil

This spring, in our permaculture lab, the calendula was spectacular! Strong and abundant.

So much that we had to think of something to do with this precious resource.

We know that calendula is a medicinal plant , a natural remedy used mostly to heal and maintain healthy skin, but not only.

Making calendula oil was a beautiful process, that we shared with our volunteers, from harvesting, drying, jarring and finally bottling.

A slow process that represents the spirit of permaculture in the sense of "obtaining a lot with a minimum effort".

We sell those beautiful 100ml bottles in the ermita de Sant Honorat for 10 € a bottle. Visitors of the Ermita are delighted to take away with them a beautiful souvenir and a natural remedy, either for themselves or as a present.

By buying a bottle, you support the association and help us grow.

Thank you 💚

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