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  • Create an education and demonstration center inside a  rural mallorquin farming area.


  • Collaborate  with  groups of residents and volunteers  to  make the center an example of Permaculture, where we practice  ecological agriculture,  optimize the use of our resources such as land, water and sun, also improve our environmental impact.


  • Be a center open to the public for visits, lunches, workshops, concerts, art exhibitions, yoga, meditation and other practices.


  • Organize or participate in community projects, like cleaning beaches or woodlands, as well as the  creation of food growing spaces in schools and urban areas.


  • Collaborate with other associations and NGOs  at local, national and international levels, with projects based on our shared values and resources.


  • Collaborate with local, private and public entities, to help develop new sustainable and regenerative practices.


  • To be part of,  and help extend the network of associations and green businesses in the Balearic Islands.

           OUR PURPOSE 

  1. To create a sustainable and resilient association.

  2. To offer alternative activities, educational support and help in various areas within our local community.

  3. Be of service to the public.

  4. Participate in the regenerative development of Mallorca.

  5. Create a model that can be replicated.

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