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New year 2023

Ecovida Project Mallorca is delighted to start this new year with new events and expanded possibilities.

We continue with our weekly days of volunteering in Sant Honorat, along with the monthly visits until May, when Ecovida Project Mallorca comes to a pause for the summer.

We have this year 2 dates for "Introduction to Permaculture"retreats in April and November, for those who want to learn more in depth about permaculture, its tools and spectrum, applied in Sant Honorat, so you can start applying it in your own lives with more awareness.

Also, this year we'll start opening the doors of Sant Honorat for a 2 month residential volunteer program between March and May.

That's exciting news for us as we grow a little bit more each year, and are able to share more with you.

Get in touch with me, Kevin Lomba, if you have any inquiry about the information shared in this post.

Many thanks 💚

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