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Rising funds to repair our cistern 💧

Our permaculture "laboratory" garden is watered by a big cistern built in the rock of the Mountain where an ancient and efficient system fills it with all the rain water that can be harvested. This rain water is mostly used for the laundry of the house, which receives 20 to 30 people every weekend and more in the summer.

Luckily, our garden is very efficient with water use, but we could expand our work with planting more trees if we could have access to more water. Unfortunately, there is a crack in the cistern, and we cannot store more than 3m high of water.

We would like to repair this, and restore it to its full potential so we can store more water and care for more plants in the Ermita.

Most of the proceeds from donations, memberships and courses will go to this project, but we are still missing around 500 € to be able to contract a company.

So if you feel like contributing to this cause you can donate directly to our bank account or via PayPal, giving your name and the purpose of the donation.

Details to be found in "become a member" tab.

Thank you for your time and support 💚

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