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Who We Are

Kevin Lomba

Founder & Director

Kevin LOMBA arrived in Mallorca in 2012, feeling a strong connection to the land and its people. He started building the foundations for ECOVIDA Project six years ago, to demonstrate permaculture and alternative ways of living and consuming.

Always feeling a deep connection to the natural environment, he has studied Permaculture design, Bio-construction, community building, project planning, along with some experience of living in similar projects including Casita Verde Ibiza. Over the years, he has developed strong networks on the island and internationally with similar projects and values. His vision and purpose for ECOVIDA Project are to be part of the change needed to support our planet and people, starting here in Mallorca.


    Jas Panesar


    Living on Mallorca for four years has highlighted the need to be active in sustainable living practices and land regeneration. With an interest in growing food and planting fruit and nut tress, Jas believes that observing and learning from nature helps people thrive in their environment. To make a positive contribution in this area she joins Kevin in launching the project and acting as 'secretary' of the Ecovida Project Mallorca Association.


    Jas has worked in the community as a Bodywork Therapist and teacher since 2004 with a focus on health promotion, injury rehabilitation and wellbeing. She has strong relationship building skills and experience with marketing and advertising, supporting local businesses. Currently she designs courses, provides written content, editing and promotion of books.

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