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Preparing for our first retreat in Sant Honorat. 9th to 11th Dec. 2022

I cannot be thankful enough everytime I go up to the Hermitage of Sant Honorat, just to be there and exist with Ecovida Project Mallorca.

It is truely a blessing.

You have to come up one day and see it from your own eyes to feel what sometimes words can't describe.

This little gem, nestled in the heart of the island, known only to some but not to all is popular for hosting a wide range of spiritual retreats, and is booked up years after years due to the quality of the place and services provided.

Although Sant Honorat is a Christian institution run by the order of the Sacred Heart, they stand apart because they open their mind and hearts to all religions and spiritual beliefs.

It wasn't too hard for them to understand the spiritual aspect of Permculture, and that the concious work that we do there has a great value.

In fact, one of our roles is to bridge man and nature as one connected being.

With this in mind, I (Kevin Lomba) have prepared an introduction course to permaculture adapted to the place that is hosting us.

Disconnect from your daily lives and re connect with nature in a different way.

We will learn about how we respond to the law of nature, the ethics and principles of Permaculture, how we apply them, a bit about social permaculture and more.

This is hopefully the first of many.

There is a lot to learn also for me, as the organiser and facilitator.

We all learn together and from each other.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming, participating, or want to share your experience in creating such events.

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